ATL dumping out number one in the East ,Philadelphia in the semis. Ben Simmons particularly was pathetic in this one scoring just 5 points for 35 minutes of play for the Sixers, at times felt like Philly were playing one player short. Joel Embiid was particularly sub par by his lofty standards , though getting a credible 31 points but only 3 assists. Does Ben deserve all the stick he is getting? Okay, watch 9-6 to ATL. Trae Young on the attack for the Hawks, a half assed attempt by Simmons to get the block shows lack of commitment for the teams cause. He literally pulls at the last second there. Who is he marking by the way? It would be unfair to label him the fall guy for this one. He did have glimpse of his playmaking ability soon after this. Watching 11-8 Hawks. The left handed pass was sublime, one of a game high 13 assists.

The Hawks were led by Kevin Huerter with 27 points as ATL blew the Sixers away in the second half. I love the following play. Watch third quarter 56-56 game on a knife edge. Trae Young for ATL SPOTTING Capella in the paint all alone with the freedom of the City of Philly. What ultimately let down Philly was their free throw shooting which makes Shaq look like Magic Johnson. Simmons only shooting at 34% success rate in the post season was particularly bad. The Aussie was retched from the free throw zone last night, he was mercifully pulled out in the last minutes of the game having got zero field goals all game. Watch 90-87 4th quarter. Ben didn’t come close to Trae Young who scored a monster 3. Philly also missing a lot of 3s particularly in the last minute of the game which if they made them good would have surely pushed us into overtime.