Denmark went from last in Group B to second place at the end of the day in a dramatic win over Russia in Copenhagen. On the balance of play it was fully deserved as the Danes were positive from the outset. They knew they had to win and win handsomely to not rely on other results namely the Belgium-Finland clash. In the end the Belgians won that one, they probably have the strongest second string side in the world by the way. The Russians have only themselves to blame . Watch the second goal scored by Poulsen, unnecessary backpass. They were negative, it was evident by their time wasting tactics right from the start of the match that they were looking for a draw. They only went for broke when down 3-1 once news filtered in that Finland were going down against the Belgians.

By that time the Danes were home and dry and punished them on the counter with pace from Maehle. Hojbjerg and Delaney with a man of the match displays, Pierre-Emile was awesome in particular despite playing with a head injury. How about that goal from Chelsea’s center back Christiensen. Not a hit an hope but he caught it beautifully and with direction. One thing that Denmark has that makes them the team to watch in these Euros is the number of leaders they have on the pitch. Take your pick, Schmeichel, Kjaer, Hojbjerg Vestergaard and blend it with the young up and comers Damsgaard and Norgaard it may be party like 1992 on 11 July.