Ugo with his first title on the ATP 500 tip after win over Russian Rublev. Andrey competing in his first grass court final. What took Ugo to the dance is what ultimately made him the winner in Halle, strong first serve in a 1-2 sequence. Watch the first set at the very first point. To reiterate the already said, on grass a serve is the number one god you got to get it right on the first attempt most of the time. Ugo did it with 75% of his serve going in the first time as a result he won 78% of his points when he served first time “in”. Rublev didn’t do all that badly in that department as well, 63% first serve ratio. Watch first point of 1-0.When serving to the lefty the most effective serve is to the backhand, down the service line. Don’t ask me why, it is what it is. It is not a coincidence that Rublev got broken when he got into a baseline duel with the Frenchman after service to his forehand and committing the unforced error at 4-3 break point 40-15. There would be no way back for Andrey in the first set.

No breaks of serve in the second set. Just before the tie break at 6-5 Humbert serving to stay in the set, first point Ugo showing how to play the drop shot on grass, Andrey showing how not to play it.Ugo opening the face of the racquet not hitting the ball but allowing it to bounce off it and using the cutting motion. Rublev got way under the ball, just look at how he is holding the racquet, the prop facing backward so no surprising the ball also went backwards. Picking it up in the tie break now. Match point 6-4.Another baseline war that Rublev lost. Not surprisingly with the way Ugo was playing the forehand cross court was virtually game over when it left the Frenchman’s racquet. Brand new winner in Halle.