Rublev’s late season form hasn’t exactly flowed into 2021 but he is having a good run in Halle. Rublev might fancy taking Halle being the only seed left. He beat local favorite KOHLSHREIBER in straight sets on Friday. The ball bounces higher on grass than on clay.In this tournament it is good to see players attempting the drop shot despite the risk making for entertaining tennis.

Watch 2-1 (15-0). Both Rublev and Kohlschreiber both play the shot both easily getting to the ball with the German sensibly going for the correct shot at the end the foréhand with punch.Rublev’ mom didn’t raise no full ,the Russian sensibly ducking to avoid the ball being firmly tattooed on him. Andrey took the tight first set on a breaker.

At set point 6-4, the Russian showing the shots that made him Russia’s second best player. The backhand down the line at the end of the point shows the importance of two things. One, you should always have an idea where your opponent is, Kohlschreiber caught by the clever Andrey advancing to the net early. Two,key to the backhand’s effectiveness is not your stronger arm but the other arm complementing it to increase speed of the shot , going through the ball. Second set easier affair for Rublev breaking early, the backhand doing a lot of damage.