Khris Middleton(38 points) and Giannis(30) huge again at the Fiserv stadium as series levels up at 3-3. Bucks defense key to limiting Nets to sub 90.Milwaukee knew their big hitters and gave them enough of the ball to do some damage. Jrue Holiday CHIPPED IN WITH 20. Watch him at 14-20 Bucks. The small guy can be tricky to take the ball off, even fouling him is difficult. All the defender could only do was to push him towards the out of bounds line and hope he runs it out. Middleton was scoring some great baskets especially outside the arch. Watch him get the foul and score the three at 28-21 Bucks.I don’t know if the foul was even necessary by number 12 Harris, the ball was long gone.

As has become almost a norm in this series, Kevin Durant was too hot to handle at times. James Harden has had a somewhat subdued return to action, maybe cautious of getting hurt given the rotten luck he has had this SEASON. CHECK OUT 34-21.showing he still got it. His shooting has always been awesome but was it unnecessary for him to fall over like that? That’s how a dude gets hurt hey. Watch KD on 82-67. He would finish on 32 points, three points of which came here. Is there anywhere he can’t shoot? His long arms make this possible, making the ball arch above the defender. Picture perfect. Milwaukee, arguably the best team scoring from the paint, dominated it once again which was key.


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