Another seed biting the grass. Unseeded Frenchmen Hugo Humbert dispatching the German third seed in 3. Total of 30 Aces in the match, one of the best matches in terms of serving I have seen all year. Humbert slightly better in the rallies which was probably the difference winning and losing. Humbert’s style of tennis is remarkably similar to Milos Raonic. Let’s start with the fact that both are lefties, similar service motion, similar movement and similar posture. Like the Canadian, his serve is very good on grass and it’s more about placement than power. Watch first set 4-4(15-0) finding the corner of the service box albeit with a slower serve opening up the court for a simple backhand cross court. Simple 1-2-3. Humbert taking the first set on a breaker.

Zverev turned the screws in the second set, increasing his first serve percentage significantly, check out 3-1(40-30). The point was never in doubt the moment that ball left the racquet on the serve. Humbert had the moment of the match though in that second set, check out 4-2 first point. Great counter on a great serve getting the ball back into court even if it was a very SHORT one. The backhand to win the point is eye of the needle stuff right there, no margin for error, Sasha doesn’t leave much of a gap for Ugo to aim at. Great point. Sadly this was of little consequence as Zverev took the middle set 6-3. Ugo continued with the hail mary shots in the final set. Watching 2-1(30-30) teaches us how to hit the forehand off balance(almost Rafa style), secret is the snap of the wrist. Oh, and there were more party shots in that set from the Frenchman, enjoy the clip. Humbert winning it 6-3. Sasha was the second last seed remaining in the draw with Russia’s Rublev seeded 4th only one left.