This ultra physical and competitive season claimed Kahwi Leonard with another sprained ankle. Clippers were the business anyway with a high scoring win over Utah. Watch 8-3 first quarter. It’s very infuriating when you lose concentration, lose the ball and make no effort whatsoever to get the ball back. Joe Ingles for Utah showing too much of the ball to Batum and Clippers went up by seven. Jazz recovered in that quarter led by Donovan Mitchell who eventually finished with 21 points and Bogdanovic with 32 points. who were effective from down town.

Then came the third quarter and the Clippers turning on the style, shooting percentage went through the roof. Watch 83-80 to Clippers. Paul George has Clarkson and O’Neale of the Jazz hungry for the ball and unselfishly feeds it to Beverley for the three. Beverley’s one of two baskets the whole night. It was effectively game over after this quarter with the Clippers leading 92-83.