Brooklyn minus Irving now 3-2 ahead in the Eastern semi final. Irving’s absence(ankle sprain) a big blow going into this one as the star was carrying the torch especially in the opening two games when James Harden was also missing from injury. As it turned out, the Nets didn’t really feel his absence as Kevin Durant COLOSSAL , rose to the occasion with a triple double(double figures in assists, rebounds and scoring).This wasn’t a normal triple double but a huge one, 10/17/48 becoming only the fifth player to do a 40/15/10 in NBA playoff history. Brooklyn trailed Giannis and the Bucks by 16 going into half time. The Greek putting on a defensive clinic in that first quarter. Watch the block he made on Jeff Green at 12-4, showing how his all round game has evolved in recent seasons. He would finish on 34 points and 12 rebounds as the Bucks dominated the paint in that first half.

What was the key to KD big performance? Watch him go for broke at 99-98 to the Bucks. Khris Middleton for me isn’t tight enough(maybe tall enough) to deal with Durant, he doesn’t get anywhere resembling close to Durant and with no one inside the arch the shot was a risky one given the fact that the scoreboard was that close. Lopez would have been a better challenger to KD on that play.