Number 1 in the West Utah has been finding the playoffs a little slippery to negotiate so far. On Monday night they lost game 4 in LA to the Clippers who went on the front foot almost from the get go. Led by the IREPRESSIBLE Kawhi Leonard whose shooting is one of the best in the NBA. He scored 31 points along with Paul George. Kawhi does have his weaknesses though particularly in passing but he makes that up with strong defensive play. Watch with seconds to go to half time at 68-44.Look at him help out his teammate Patrick Beverley double teaming on Mitchell.The Jazz did not run the Clippers close enough especially in that first half and were always trailing. Not even a last quarter effort led by Donovan Mitchell(37 points) could save them. Led by Mitchell’s immaculate 3-point shooting they managed to lose this one with dignity by a sub 20 margin. But the Clippers were better at free throws and field goals.