The Nigerian born New Zealander Middleweight Champ outlasted Italian Stallion or Dream whichever you like.Marvin to win on judges decision. Marvin can be proud of his performance even in defeat. Vettori was every bit the mat technician in this one. He attempted 14 takedowns and succeeding in four of them. Watch at the very start of the bout, Israel going for the thigh kick and Marvin scouted that and too him down with aplomb. Israel has a very lean body for a middleweight and uses that to his very advantage and wiggles out in no time. As the match went on Israel tweaked his tactic somewhat. He created a safety buffer, that is he landed the strikes and quickly maintained a gap to prevent the takedown.

There were plenty of instances whereby Marvin had Israel in trouble. Watch the clip 2 minutes into it. Marvin had a chin lock but Israel wiggled out again but I have to criticize the application of the hold here. Marvin doesn’t interlock his fingers to get enough pressure on the hold. What ultimately won this one for Israel was his strike rate. 50% of his strikes were on point to Vettori’s 43%. Watch on 2 minutes 49 seconds as Israel lands a kick to the calf which took Marvin off balance. From then the balanced tipped in the champs favor. Such was the change in dynamic that Marvin resorted to “low blows). Watch 4 minute 30secs. Israel didn’t cover himself in glory here going down like he was hit with a log on the FAMILY JEWELS here. If you watch closely Marvin is hitting the upper thigh area.