Suns take a 2-0 lead in the Western semis against 2020/2021 MVP Big Jok and the Nuggets. Team work the name of the game for Phoenix with sic players making double figures in terms of scoring headlined by Devin Booker’s 18 points. What makes Jokic such an important figure in the Denver team? He is a triple threat in Assists Rebounds and point getting. Watch 10-4 to Phoenix. Reading the game well he saw the alley-hoop in his mind before anyone could see it. One of 6 assists the most by a Nugget.

Chris Paul had the most assists with 15 for the Suns on top of 17 points as Phoenix always stayed a step ahead of Denver. How about this steal from Cameron Johnson(Number 23) for the Suns one of 3 steals for the Suns at 28-23. Way too many turnovers in that second quarter but it meant edge of the seat stuff for us the fans. Facundo Campazzo probably didn’t do enough to support Jokic in this game only managing 3 points, his short height probably a huge disadvantage particularly driving to the basket. AS the game went into the second half, Denver needed to score more 3s and did not manage to score enough. Watch 73-56 Suns. Jokic had a chance to score the three but no he preferred TO COME TOWARD THE HOOP to get the two which hardly put a dent on the scoreboard.