Diego Schwartzman became the third player to suffer a loss of a set to love at the hands of the 14 time Champ. Like always on this surface, Rafa found a gear up on his opponent when it matters most. Key to getting the better of the Spaniard is probably to go for it early in the rallies. The longer the rally is , the more likely Rafa will win the point. Watch 1-0 15-0 Diego. Striking with the backhand before Rafa settled worked like a charm. As difficult as it is to beat Rafa at Roland Garros, I in my heart of heart believe it can be done. Diego did not help himself in the first set though. Check out 3-2(30-0). Nadal would go 4-2 up after this game but look how deep the Argentine is away from his baseline practically begging Rafa to hit the corners.

Diego like most South American players is at home on clay. His diminutive figure means that his service game may suffer a bit but he makes it up with his mobility. Check out 3-3 Diego up 15-0.The net cord can be your friend or foe depending on the shot you play after it does its thing. THE ANGLED BACKHAND was on the money. I guess taking a set off the number three seed should be considered an achievement on its own hey. Unfortunately for Diego that was as good as it got really. The next two went to Rafa which is no disgrace in itself. The running after the forehand kind of gets you fatigued. Watch final set 4-0 15-0 Diego. Must be gutting to see the forehand land inside the line after playing such a great serve to begin with. Rafa will play Novak in the semis in a repeat of last year’s final, this one coming early because of the lower seeding for the Spaniard compared to last year.