Two South American heavyweights. No mat specialists here just pound for pound punching, kicking, a bout of attrition most strongest wins. Big Jai likes to know them out quick and simple and did just that. One got the feeling if Augusto was to win this one he had to take Jai all the way. Now watch the clip , a minute 58 of the first round to go. Sakai had only one tactic that is to land as many kicks on Jai as possible and gain as much points with the judges. Jai telegraphed that one and could have done better in going for the takedown and the bout would surely have been over then. Sakai realizing the danger and quickly adjusting the body to free the hold. What could Augusto have done better to prevent to knock out? When Jai started his charge, he left himself open as well , so he should have landed a few in defense instead of backing away and losing his footing at the end.