Watch this dominant sprint at the end by Van Der Poel. The Dutchman winning second consecutive stage and now takes over as overall leader. Julian Alaphilippe who finished third looked to be favorite to take it when he went for it with about 13km to go but he went all in too early it turned out. The shorter course meant timing of the last sprint was crucial. 41km in energy drink for Mathieu. What energy drinks are recommended for a cyclists?

Carbohydrate rich ones. Not to favor any brand over the other, watch out for the following ingredients which must be present. Electrolytes such as sodium, potassium and magnesium. Some energy drinks contain caffeine which is not banned but it is up to you as an individual if it is your thing or not. Fructose is a substitute for processed sugar. It helps replenish energy levels although it has its disadvantages one of which is that it does not help in the release of hormones such as insulin or leptin(it tells the body that I am full so that I don’t eat unnecessarily.

Check out clip with 35km of the race to go. Who says coaching is not for cycling. Being told the time is a motivational tool useful so that you don’t stay too far behind(So why not use a watch I wonder). Anyway the team does what makes them win at the end. I sometimes think Bike cars are dangerous more than they are helpful, they sometimes cause crashes you know. But an example of their usefulness happened with 31km to go. Andre Greipel called for the mobile pitstops with a faulty rear tire. The speed at which it was done was fairly good.