Kyrie Irving was breathing fire in game 2 of the Eastern semis first quarter. Kyrie scored 22 points only surpassed by 32 for Durant. If he missed his teammates got his back. Watch 8-7 Nets up, Griffin was on hand to smash the duck. Watch the concentration and determination to get that basket from Blake. Bucks offered resistance in the first 5 minutes of the game from there it was one way traffic. Giannis led the scoring with only 18 points for the Bucks and 11 rebounds. The block on Irving at 13-7 was the highlight of a solid opening quarter.

Kevin Durant has come alive in the playoffs after a injury plagued regular season. He is pretty effective driving the ball inside the arch from the left side of the defense. Watch 45-27 Brooklyn. His weapon the fade away jumper very dangerous. Best play of the match by far came at 50-31 Nets. The pass between Lopez and Tucker by Durant will make your day finished off by another Dunking special by Griffin. Nets blowing the Bucks right out of the water in this one 125-86 to take a 2 nothing lead in the series. Nets better in every stat you can think of and will be confident of seeing off Milwaukee in no time.