Two lefties going head to head. One of Britain’s young and upcoming players Cameron Norrie is a fighter. A collection of great shots in this match from Rafa.Best of set one was the drop shot on 3-2. Rada has a way of bamboozling his opponents into opening the court. Watch 3-3 (15-15) to show you that. Rafa the second seed didn’t have it all his owb way though.He was broken twice in the second set but disappointingly NORRIE failed to follow that up.

Shot of the match, set point on Norrie’s serve at 5-3 adv Nadal. The serve could not have been better placed going wide of court. Check out the swing of the wrist from by Nadal for the return. At the end the backhand cross court beat Cameron who was cutting the angle advancing to the net.In the third the forehand from NORRIE was great to watch ala Nadal. Watch 5-3 on the Nadal serve 30-15 to Nadal, catching the 20 tine Grand Slam champ off guard. NORRIE can hold her head up high even through this straight sets defeat.