Lakers put out of their misery by a fired up Phoenix.4-2 the final series score. Devin Booker got all hot and bothered at the end of the match, was subsequently ejected right at the end. Suns say it wasn’t an ejection but just TOOK HIM OUT OF THE GAME, whatever that means. Damn right he has a right to be all fired up, he notched up 47 points for the West’s number two seeds. Not even a single Sun could come to half of that for the entire match.

The Lakers never recovered from that abysmal first quarter. Booker was all over LA in that period. Watch the clip on 8-5 to Phoenix. Booker takes on Davis. There is nothing to pass at inside the arch except Ayton 22 who is surrounded by yellow jerseys, so the Suns number 1 chooses the best option a three pointer, great decision making right there. To further illustrate how poor the Lakers were in that quarter, watch 14-7 to the Suns. Cameron Payne 15 for the Suns misses the big three. Come on Kuzma get that rebound, Lakers number 0 gets bullied off the ball by Bridges for the easy basket. The Lakers had a good old fashioned go at it in the third quarter led by LeBron who had 29 points and 7 assists , only surpassed by Chris Paul’s monster 12. Watch 73-55 Suns. No eyes pass to Wesley Matthews was impressive in its simplicity. This comes with having an almost telepathic understanding on your teammates positional play through plenty of practice.

Phoenix destroyed the Lakers from down town with 18 out of 35 three pointers making money to the Lakers’s 10 from same attempts.