The French Open lost two Frenchman in a single day to leave none in the third round. Richard Gasquet lost to Nadal and here Gael Monfils lost to Swede Mikael Ymer. A lot of guys don’t realize that its easy to lose a set on a bagel than to win it. It only takes two bad service games for your confidence to sink and when it does that you let the Calvary in. That is what happened to Gael in that first set. Watch 5-0 to Ymer with 3 set points. The serve by Monfils was not that good and he wasn’t trying too hard to chase the return either. Deflated and void of confidence, he mihself would allude to that in the post match interviews.

Mikael , a fantastic juniors player some five years ago, played some great tennis in this one. But Gael was more himself in the second set. Watch the forehand return on 3-1 adv Monfils on deuce on Ymer’s serve. Gael and Nick Kyrgios have a knack of making winners look more easy than they actually are. The Frenchman had an awful lot to do there and don’t forget he chose the harder side to aim at(Mikael was covering that side of the court). The next point is worth seeing over and over again. Watch 4-3 Monfils serving on the first point. The poor drop shot swung the rally in Mikael’s favor but just as it looked like the Swede’s point, Gael found the gap down the line with a backhand with Mikael expecting a cross court one. Mikael comes from a family of athletes, dad was a runner and brother Elias is also a tennis player. He shows that athleticism in this point. Check out the net and court coverage on 5-4 third set point 40-15.

Sadly for all the entertainment value that Gael brings, he constantly blows matches on the easy points. As a result he has had a poor last couple of years at the Slams. Watch as Mikael wraps up the game at 5-3(40-30) as Monfils swings wildly with a forehand down the line that looked pretty easy. This coming after some great money shots during the two games prior starting from 5-1.