How I wish tennis could just take center stage for once. Organizers of the French Open are trying their hardest to ruin my favorite grand slam. The Osaka debacle is the silliest thing to happen to tennis in a while now. For all the things to do for a bloody press conference. Naomi was a bit too honest in my honest opinion. What if she had said she was seriously unwell, would the organizers had just cause to fine her? But then again that’s not the type of person she is. Sports Psychology is a very serious issue that the French Open is failing to grasp. Anxiety can cause one to lose a match that otherwise a player could have easily won had she or he had full focus going into it. Just look at how Serena’s presser after her defeat to Naomi in the Aussie Open semis went to see how much distress a press conference can cause. Watch below. As if Roland Garros press conferences are jinxed, Petra Kvitova did her ankle at one to withdraw from this year tournament.

Now for what we are here for , watching some great tennis. World number one Ash Barty typically made life hard for herself in her Round one match with unseeded American Bernarda Pera. Pera , a lefty was especially good in that first set despite losing it to the Aussie. Lefties are dangerous playing to their forehand side, when Barty went down the service line she won the point. Watch 3-2 Barty up a break and up 40-30. If Pera was good in the first set, she was awesome in the second in winning it 6-3. Illustration of how good a lefty’s forehand is what 4-2 in the second 30-30. Barty has been seen spotting a strapped up left thigh in recent tournaments but that didn’t stop her winning this one albeit with a bit of help from the net cord. Watch third set 3-2 to Barty on Pera’s serve 30-30. She won the third 6-2 and we PRAY she doesn’t withdraw such has been this year’s torunament.