After his appearance at Wrestlemania 37 you would think that trainwreck of an appearance by Logan Paul would be a lesson. But no, the Youtuber has to get more punishment from arguably the baddest dude(Sorry Mike) to step in the boxing ring to get more punishment. I get it it’s all about clout and the benjys but man does he know what he is getting into? Ok how about we give him the benefit of the doubt. Let’s watch the footage from Wrestlemania and see if Mr Logan is at list fit enough to get into the ring.

Here we have Logan in the ring all well suited up ready to fight in his bourgeois jacket, designer pants and street shoe sneakers. Wow. If he was all tough why didn’t he tell Vince McMahon he wanted to have a go at in ring action. Man, i know this is pro wrestling yes its choreographed kayfabe and all that shit but man Logan don’t know how to sell a stunner. A trained athlete would have known that you fall forward when you are stunned off your pants. But No Mr Paul is so bad and strong he spins forward to avoid pain in his head and neck area. What this tells me is Logan can’t take the pain. Funny the ref is asking him if he is OK. Come on

The best that Logan can do is get the best trainer that he can get with his financial resources that shouldn’t be a problem. i don’t know maybe he can be whipped into shape before the June 6 exhibition bout. What will count to his advantage is the fact that Floyd hasn’t competed in the ring for a while now so the effect of ring rust cannot be discounted. Paul has a weight and height advantage over Floyd which he should use if he has a prayer of winning this one. Arguably the greatest fighter of all time , Mayweather has a daunting 50-0 record in boxing across 5 weight divisions and has probably more to lose in this fight. The bad rep that would come from losing to a relative novice will stick to Floyd like a bad rash.