No major surprises as Bernal finished off a fantastic display of three week cycling to win the 2021 Giro D’Italia. This was the Milan time trial stage of the race which was a welcome relief as signs were on stage 20 that the legs were starting to get tired. TT specialist Filippo Ganna won the stage despite suffering the mishap of puncture along the way. How did that happen, the bike looked light weight and tarmac road looked smooth. The friction between rubber and road surface can sometimes wear on the tires making them weak. Temperatures in Milan fairly high reaching 22 degrees Celsius being summer in mainland Europe, this may have contributed. With a little boost from the car guy he was on his way.

Remi Cavagna’s crash let’s be frank helped Filippo to victory a little bit. How did that happen as well? Watch the footage. The handle bars gave out on the Frenchman. You could see him trying to turn the handle bars to the left, to little avail resulting in him going straight into the barriers. Let’s count the amount of time waisted, one two three four five six seconds before he was on his way as well. He would finish 12 seconds behind Ganna. Bernal finished comfortably enough to win ahead of Caruso and Simon Yates.