Rob Font showed that you don’t need to use sheer muscle to beat your opponent but if you use your head you achieve the same results. Rob outlasting Cody in this Bantamweight fight on Sunday. This came after a more even stevens first round in which both fighters more than matched each other in terms of punches. Cody’s tactic was to try to get the better of Rob on the mat as you can see right from the off in the second round he went for the kick of the leg. Kicking a fighter short in height aint gonna work here is why. Dude for one they have a shorter center of gravity so all you did was displace one leg from the ground and the other is supporting the rest of the body. Shorter legs tend to have more muscle (relative to the leg size that is) compared tall guys.

How impressive was the countering for the takedown by Cody by Rob soon after. The key here was constant movement on the mat , not allowing Garbrandt to synch in the hold(like a snake who slithers from his capture’s gasp. Judges probably handed the decision to Font owing to his impressive strikes which totaled 374 showing he is not afraid to take the game to his opponent. The only down side to his performance is the fact that he missed more than half of those attempts only landing 183, ion which Cody was better in that regard landing 78/159.