Golden State’s second bite at the cherry turned out to be a bite on a stone pebble when their loss to Memphis ended their season. Not even Steph(39 points) could save them from an overtime defeat 117-112. The Grizzlies were impeccable in the first half catapulted to a commanding first half lead of 62-49 led by Ja Morant(35 points) What was the key to Memphis’s success? Building a commanding early lead and then going for it full throttle in Overtime. Watch the defensive power from the Grizzlies’ Dillon Brooks and Kyle Anderson who doubled up on Steph not allowing him a chance to shoot his patented downtowner at 22-11. Well on that play Warriors managed to score but the idea was good. We all know Curry has been scoring way north of 30 points in games lately so restricting him to 39 was an achievement on its on by Memphis.

Memphis did let Warriors in the game deep into the forth quarter. Jordan Poole with a textbook 3-pointer at 107-106 to Memphis to get GS into the lead with a minute 30 of regulation time to go. Watch how he does the basics, flap the hand to get the arch on the ball, a lesson for wanna be ballers. In overtime , Ja stole the show with his great work from the paint. Watch the dribble past Juan(number 95) as if he was not there. Don’t faint with shock at the following announcement. MEMPHIS BEAT THE WARRIORS ON THE THREE POINT STAT HAVING FOUND THE BASKET 15 TIMES FROM OUTSIDE THE ARCH TO GS’S 12. The Grizzlies who won the 9 vs 10 match to face GS here now enter the playoffs as number 8 seeds in the Western Conference.