This match on paper was worthy of the NBA finals but poor form and injuries relegated it to a Play In match. It was Anthony Davis and Lebron versus Steph, and I do not mean it at as insult to the Warriors.Davis and James had a combined 47 points compared to Curry’s 37 as the Lakers won the 7 versus 8 match 103-100 to book their play off spot. The Lakers got 48 points from the paint compared to the Warriors 40, to be expected they have LeBron back hey. He turned to Assist master with a game high 10 to show he is not all about scoring.

Golden State however bossed the first half using their shooting prowess from down town. Steph showed that he is no slouch within the arch too. Watch 22-19 to the Warriors first quarter. Steph doesn’t have a height advantage, so don’t expect a lot of slam dunks from the Warriors talisman. So he compensates for this by finding space with his quickness. Nice to see the whole LA Lakers team contributing to the tally, special mention to Caruso who contributed 14 points and was instrumental in the assist to Davis at 98-100 that leveled the scores at 100 with the clock ticking towards the end. LeBron does not score that many three pointers but the winning shot was off the chain. The pressure of the shot clock must have been weighing heavy on him thus the hurried nature of it(slightly off balance as well).Warriors have a simple give it to Steph type of attitude when they are down by 3 or 2 with seconds to go. Davis read that to the tee thus thwarting the chance for a final shot at the end.