Whoever came up with the Play-In tournaments deserves a pat in the back. Giving sides who finish just outside the top 8 of each conference a chance at the play offs is in the interest of fairness, given the injury disruptions that have occurred and possible impact on regular season results. The tournaments pits the sides finishing 7 and 8 in each conference against each other with the winner getting the 7th seed in the play offs. Number 9 and 10 will face each other with the winner facing the loser of the 7 and 8 match for the right to be the 8th seed in the post season.

Jay Tatum set the TD Garden ablaze with a 50 point game in dispatching Washington in the Easter 7 versus 8 game. How did he manage a half a century? Watch him in his best portion of the game in the third quarter Boston leading 64-56. Tatum shielding the ball from the defender, makes the ball literally invisible to him. The fake gives the gap for the fall away jumper. Textbook. Kemba Walker(29) on fire in the first quarter to set the tone for the match for the Celtics. Bradley Beal was the highest scorer for Washington with 22 sharing the burden with Westbrook(20). The Wizards’ strength from the paint will have to be complemented by their 3 point shooting which was poor here(3/21) if they are to get the final berth in the playoffs against the Pacers.