Goalkeepers in soccer do not get the recognition they deserve as match winners. Kasper Schmeichel is a second generation professional goalkeeper who followed his dad into the sport. It does not happen a lot that a son can be as successful as the father in anything but Kasper is proving that theory wrong. Schmeichel’s save against Mason Mount in the FA Cup final on Saturday makes our play of the week. Why is it the play of the week? It is effectively as good as a goal in itself, leading 1-0 with the clock winding down. Technically the shot from Mount was okay in that it was going away from Kasper but watch the shot again. Kasper gambles and is already leaning to his left a millisecond early in anticipation of the strike. Ask any goalkeeper they will tell you it is half science and half instinct, you can have the science correct most of the time but if you do not have that instinct of sensing where the ball might head you will never be a great goalkeeper.

Who is tied with Kasper for Play of The Week? You didn’t think I would leave out Allison did you. Allison became the first goalkeeper to score a header in Premier League History against West Brom on Sunday with a header that would have Karim Benzema green with envy. The ball was behind him so he had an awful lot to do to direct the ball back. It took stamina to rotate the neck there. Bravo to the Liverpool goalkeeper. The modern keeper is now more of an all round player.