The reigning , defending UFC lightweight champ Charles Oliveira Da Silva made light work of American challenger Mike Chandler. Charlie was technically superior in a lot of respects. He was quite impressive on the mat. Watch the takedown that Mike tried to counter and busting himself up in the process. I am actually surprised when watching many fights the submission application does not include legs hooked on the opponent’s midriff. Charles applies it well restricting his opponents’ movement and adding leverage to the REAR CHOKE. When on their feet Mike was better lending far more significant blows compared to Oliveira. But Mike fell asleep during the first round resting period. Right from the off in the second round, Charlie landed a left which knocked Mike off his feet and like a blood hound did not let up, went straight for the finishing combination. Chandler’s effort to get on his feet were to no avail. Tidy night’s work from the Brazilian MMA star we reckon.