Sasha Zverev captured the title in Madrid in three sets against Italian Matteo Berrettini. The first set tie break should really have gone to the German having done all the hard work to come from a break down at 4-3. The Italian’s strength was in the one-two punch. Watch at 6-6 in the tie break(7-6 to Zverev) finishing the point in two swipes of the racquet. In the next two sets Zverev was just too good for Matteo, shutting the door whenever a break point opportunity arises.The double fault by the Italian at 4-4(40-15 down) ultimately cost him the set. Watch his service motion. He is leaning too far into court, he is actually risking a foot fault call there. One more thing the drop shot wasn’t working for Matteo in this set.

If a shot is hit low enough on a clay court it does not bounce high. Keep that in your locker next time you on a clay court. On to the third. What a shocking forehand from Berrettini. Watch 2-2 40-15 Matteo on the ropes. A whole court to hit into and he fails to even find the doubles and the base line. SHOCKING. The writing was on the wall from there on. Sasha winning the whole shebang 6-4 in the third. Good form going into the Italian Masters. PLEASE SOMEBODY ANYBODY STOP NADAL IN PARIS THIS YEAR.


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