One of the few races where the riders were aggressive from the off. The flat 796 km Stupinigi to Novara surface allows you to do that. Tim Merlier won the first sprint of this year’s Giro. Let’s have a look at why you should have your bike ready for those long distance forays. Vincenzo Albanese pulled over for bike repairs when he led the race at one point. Lets say the chain comes off your bike during the race, well that happens a lot and is generally common and acceptable. What is not acceptable is having a bike with a weak paddles, now that is a travesty. Merlier outsprinted Italian pair of Nizzolo and Viviani but could not topple Fillipo Gana off the general classification top spot.

To illustrate how teamwork works in cycling wat right at the end of the race.Look how Dylan Groenewegen(who finished 4th)’s teammate in the red jersey slows down to allow Dylan the fighting chance for top spot. Knowing were your strongest team mate is on the peloton is important and knowing how to ride a steep ascent. Dylan could not put the coupe’ into the grace’ with the number one finish but the essence of team work on show here.


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