What is happening to the LA Lakers? Are they that much of a one guy team?Top in the West at start of the year they are now heading South into the Play Ins in 6th position after a crashing 118-94 loss to fellow LA franchise the Clippers. With no sign of King James for the foreseeable future as well, it was left to the likes of Anthony Davies and Kyle Kuzma to carry the team and they are failing. Davies(4 points) had just 9 minutes on court and had been suffering from back spasms. Paul George led the way for the Clippers scoring 24 points in a scoring sheet that makes us proud, virtually evenly spread out amongst the Clippers. Watch Reggie Jackson’s pass to Zubac, taking out twp Lakers out of the equation with scores tied at 2-2. A disastrous second quarter for the Lakers saw them trail 65-42 at half time. The Clippers turning over the ball with speed and the likes of Caruso and Pope couldn’t cope.

On top of the spasms, Davis twisted his ankle in the first quarter and that ultimately led him to the exits. Now Tony is a big dude. Back spasms are very common in guys who are tall with big frames.We hope he is watching his diet ESPECIALLY not taking too much salt as well as watching his posture when seating.