Giannis Antetokounmpo was rocking the Fiserv Forum Arena Tuesday night.36 points and 12 rebounds contributing to a massive 124-118 win by the Bucks over Brooklyn. Normally 118 points in a game of basketball is enough to win a contest but such was the lack of defensive awareness from both teams that the match became that of attrition. Watch scores at 18-17 Nets, Giannis sinking a downtowner virtually uncontested to prove our point. The Nets did their best to keep up especially in the second half. The usual suspects Kyrie Irving(38) and Kevin Durant(32) provided the spark. Just check out the fade away basket by Durant off-balance right at the death of the first quarter showing he still got IT. When it goes down to what made the win possible for Milwaukee was sinking 22 free throws out of 27 to Nets 16/26. Bucks improving their regular season record to 41-24 to the Nets’ 43-23 and are third and second on the Eastern Conference respectively. THE HIGHER UP THE STANDINGS YOU FINISH, THE “EASIER” THE FIRST PLAYOFF ROUND WILL BE FOR YAH.