The World Tour stopped in Switzerland for the Tour De Romandie. Tuesday was time trial day. Ineo Grenadiers had a clean sweep of the podium occupied by Rohan Dennis, Geraint Thomas and Richie Porte in that order. Spring is springing up in Europe this time of the year and the flat short 4.5 km course made it possible to clock times below 6 minutes.How much is the impact on the time a rider finishes can be attributed to the bike design? The bike rode by Remi Cavagna really caught my eye, not because of the obvious colorful wheel spokes. Look how low the handle bars are. Scientifically speaking a lower handle bar increases your top speed. How?You will be trusting your head and neck forward shifting your body weight forward.

Of course you might suffer a sore neck here and there but this is a 4.5km race so we can take it right?Remi’s wheels are not as wide as conventional bicycle wheels.It is funny for you to hear this but the myth that wide wheels decrease your speed is actually hooey. In fact wide tyres create greater traction. So the fact that he finished fourth , eleven seconds behind Dennis was down to leg strength.