Kevin Durant returned over the weekend into the Nets squad. In the game against Toronto on Tuesday night he looked sharp and focused. The veteran notched up 17 points same as Blake Griffin in this 116-103 win. Brooklyn recovering from a sluggish start. Watch at 7-7 first quarter, what a half hearted attempt at a lay-up by Shamet for the Nets easily blocked for the turnover and at 10-7 a poor excuse for a pass by Kyrie Irving of all people stolen for an easy basket.

The Raptors’ Anunoby(21) and Kyle Lowry were influential in this match especially in that first half. This move by Toronto gave me goosebumps all over. Watch when they are up 19-16. The passes, quick on the mark and mesmerizing and the little fake by Lowry made the basket possible. Going into the final quarter the Raptors led 83-80. The turning point came two three pointers the final one sank by Griffin at 87-90 to the Raptors.From then on it was a matter of keeping the offense going whenever the Nets had the ball making sure not to turnover the ball.This pass effectively killed the whole game. Watch 102-96 to Brooklyn. Watch how number 8 Green(24) is pointing as if to direct the player with the ball to pass to another player This was a decoy to throw off the marker to score the easy two.