Steph is carrying the torch for Golden State in this up and down season for the Warriors.Warriors winning 117-113. He garnered another thirty plus points(37) to lead them to victory against Sacramento Sunday Night. Usually Curry gets most of his points in the second half of games so the key to contain him is not to get tired defensively. The Kings were off to a great start in the first quarter led by Buddy Hield(25). Steph and Oubre kept the scores close in that quarter. Watch the clip when Sacramento is up 11-7. Even when you think you have done enough to repel Curry, he can punish yah from down town.

Stride for stride the two teams matched each other from down town. So scoring from the paint proved decisive here. A worrying stat for the Warriors. Steph spent 38 minutes on court last night to score 37 points, that’s a point per minute right PROVING THEIR OVERRELIANCE on their star guard. Andrew Wiggins had the same number of minutes but scored 13. This is a long season so someone has to take the baton and rest the poor guy. Warriors look set to be in the Play-Ins as they are 10th , 5 wins more than the Pelicans in 11th.