I am not going to mess you about here. I missed this bout and had to watch it delayed as I wanted to fully appreciate what made Rob such a huge draw in the middle weight division without any distractions. I am glad I did. Robert Whittaker dominant from start to finish.

Whittaker’s kicking is brilliant. His kicks are like a sniper hitting you, that is you don’t see them coming from his posture then all of sudden boom.Kelvin tried to salvage matters lending mighty heavy punches. Kelvin took the bait on occasion.

I say bait because watch whenever Rob stands off him inviting him to come closer for the punches. Whittaker would then grab Kelvin by the arms for the take down and GASTELUM is not particularly great on the mat. Clever strategy. Whittaker says bring on Adesanya. Let’s seeđź‘€.