Novak’s dad has been shooting his month about town for a while about how better Novak is compared to Federer. We are going to be keeping a close eye on the world number one until September to see if Novak can match Federer and Nadal’s 20 majors. Yesterday in Monaco he faced Italian Jannik Sinner fresh from his maiden Masters 1000 final in Miami. Djokovic beat Jannik 6-4 6-2.

The Serb showed some shot variation which will make him very competitive come Roland Garros. Watch the delicate chip when up 3-2 with Sinner serving(30-30). The Serb recovering well from a poorly disguised drop shot. Sinner returning the favor to break back with a not so poor drop shot at 4-2(30-15). I like the Italian’s resilience here. He was down 5-2 stirring down the barrel and fought back to 5-4. All that came to knot in the tenth game, on deuce adv Djokovic he inexplicably played a routine backhand(at least it looked easy). On second glance Jannik’s footwork looked off so no wonder he played that long.

Sinner did the same thing again this time it proved decisive in the second set. With the set on serve at 2-1 deuce adv Djokovic he played another backhand long to hand the break to Novak. The rally was going so well and it looked like the Italian will win it. Rush of blood to the head by the inexperienced Jannik. Djokovic closed out the set with ease laying the ground during points with great placement on the serve, not going for power, but making sure the return from Jannik was not going to cause problems.