Heath Streak, one of the all time great cricket Captains was handed a eight year ban from all forms of cricket by the International Cricket Council for breaching anti-corruption rules. Heath admitted to being approached by an Indian man seeking insider info for the purposes of gambling.

Apparently Heath thought that receiving gifts in the form of Bitcoin and an Apple iphone which she gifted to his wife would go undetected. Now, Heath is held in high regard in his home country Zimbabwe where he coached the national team as well. One of the best ever all rounders to come out of the Southern African nation, Heath played 215 Tests, took 216 wickets and played 239 ODIs and took 189 wickets. When you heard the headline, you must have thought oh no not another Hansie.

ICC confirmed that his actions although deplorable had no bearing on the outcome of the results. The matches under question where from 2017 to 2018. They occurred in the 2017 Bangladesh Premier League, where he coached,2018 IPL,2018 Afghanistan Premier League and 2017 Tri-Series between Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Financial constraints may have played a part in tempting Streak to actually do this. It is reported the yet to be named Indian man said the players stood to make” substantial amounts of money” if they provided the info. When will players ever learn? Anything activity that involves multiple individuals and personalities will never stay hidden. Check out the charge sheet below for the list of offenses Streak committed. Lets hope he learns his lesson and resumes his career in due course. Boldeagle is a huge fan.

  1. 2.3.2 – disclosing inside information under both the ICC Code and various domestic Codes, in circumstances where he knew or should have known that such information may be used for betting purposes.  In particular, he disclosed inside information in relation to matches in the 2018 Tri-Series involving Zimbabwe, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, the Zimbabwe v Afghanistan series in 2018, the IPL 2018 and the APL 2018.
  2. 2.3.3 – directly or indirectly soliciting, inducing, enticing, persuading, encouraging or intentionally facilitating any participant to breach the Code. In particular, he facilitated or attempted to facilitate the introduction of four different players, including a national captain, to someone he knew, or should have known, may have wanted to approach them to provide inside information for betting purposes.
  3. 2.4.2 – Failing to disclose the receipt of any gift, payment, hospitality or other benefit that the participant knew or should have known was given to them to procure a breach of the Code or that was made or given in circumstances that could bring the participant or the sport of cricket into disrepute.
  4. 2.4.4 – Failing to disclose to the ACU full details of any approaches or invitations received to engage in corrupt conduct under the Code including in relation to international matches, matches in the 2017 BPL, the 2018 Pakistan Super League, the 2018 IPL and the 2018 APL.
  5. Article 2.4.7 – obstructing or delaying an investigation, including concealing, tampering with or destroying any documentation or other information that may be relevant to that investigation and / or that may be evidence of or may lead to the