At half time BVB was heading into the semi finals, the match ended with them needing three goals to advance. Emre Can’s disputable handball was the difference. The German international attempted to head the ball 10 minutes into the second half and the ball came off the top part of the arm. Now I am made to believe the sleeve part of the arm is not considered when making decisions for hand ball. Another point to consider is that although his arm was not in a natural position, there was no way he could have gotten it away from the ball.

Anyway to the least controversial parts of the beautiful game , the goals. Ex Birmingham City youngster Jude Bellingham scored an absolute peach in the 15th minute. He followed that up with a man of the half performance in that first half. He was brilliant defensively as well. If he had not put that shot away a penalty was definitely on the cards after an ugly looking lunge in the build up. Dortmund’s tactics were spot on until the unfortunate penalty, sitting back absorb not overcommit. Lets talk about the Foden winner in the 75th minute which knocked the stuffing out of BVB. No excuse for being beaten on your near post when you are a keeper. But the defense should also shoulder the blame for backing off the England man.

City to face PSG for a place in the final in Istanbul in May. Dortmund would be absolutely gutted for letting it slip.