I was laughing my lungs out when an uproar erupted in an event otherwise known as the linesman in the City Vs Dortmund game asking Erling Haaland for an autograph in the Etihad tunnel on Wednesday night. It has not even registered to all the people complaining as well as UEFA that refs are actually soccer fans. As soccer fans ,they are entitled to approach any celeb sportsman of their choosing to ask for their signature for memorabilia. The match was 90 minutes with 15 minutes half time, where on earth was the ref going to catch up with Erling? It certainly does not mean that action would influence his decision making does it? The only crime the ref committed was being caught on camera doing it. Ok, look at the video below to see that it is common for an official to ask for a memory with famous players.

This may have been a friendly match but the principle is basically the same. So guys please lay off the poor guy. Celebs go on trial often right? I have actually seen prosecutors gushing and falling all over themselves trying to get a glimpse or a photo of celebs as they arrive in courthouses but not in full glare of the tv cameras. So its a lesson for other officials.