I got a confession to make. I watched this match today and totally ignored it LIVE for reasons that I thought it was going to be full and boring. I was persuaded to watch it delayed in it’s entirety after a pal of mine pointed out that the first two goals are going to interest me. Boy did it interest me. If there is a player that needed a loan move badly it’s Lingard. Now he gives Ole Solskjaer a headache with his performances for the hammers. The solo goal from his own half is Ala Ronaldinho Vs Real Madrid 2006(although I do not think the Molineaux crowd would have been as generous with applause as the Bernabeu one). The second goal reminds me of the goal set up by Berbatov for Ronaldo 2009 ironically against the team he plays for now.

Just as with Arsenal before the international break, West Ham let complacency get the better of them and made defensive mistakes to allow Wolves to pull two back. But this time to their credit they held on and are now 4th and are in a 4 way tussle for that 4 that 4th and final champions league spot.