A calf injury has put paid to the much anticipated showdown between Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos and Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah. The two clubs met in the UEFA Champions League Final 2018 in Kiev, with Ramos being accused of being excessively rough on the Egyptian causing a shoulder injury in the opening stages of that match. Of course Los Blancos went on to win the match in a Karius manner 🤭🤣. Anyway, let’s take a look at calf injuries and how they occur and how they can be managed.

The calf is actually two muscles known in medical circles as gastrocnemius and sileus muscle. The injury is caused by overstretching which can pull and strain those two. The sudden bursts in speed common in sports such as tennis and soccer causing stress to the muscle stretching it beyond limits. Signs that you have suffered a calf injury?,pulling sensation on the lower leg with a tingling pain.Treatment involves resting the leg. Two, swelling is possible for which icing is needed. Recommended is 20 minutes for two hours a day for the next 3 days.After 3 days you can change over to heat treatment whilst being careful of course not to burn yourself.

Number 3, tie the calf with bandage but not too tight so as to limit the blood flow. Lastly,elevate the lower leg at a level above the ❤️ using pillows for example. Meds should be used upon prescription by the doc and should never be used continuously without seeing one.