For me Giannis is way ahead in the race for MVP. Here he helped Milwaukee defeat the LeBron-less Lakers 97-112 with 25 points and 10 rebounds. Giannis’s teammate guard Jrue Holiday top scored by three more. I love the team work from the Lakers, the scoring much more evenly spread out than when the team has James and Davies. Harrell(19) top scored for the Lakers, followed by Schroder(17),Kuzma(16),Morris(15),The key to the Bucks’ victory was their three point shooting which allowed them to seize control of the game in the second and third quarters.They shot 53% overall outside the arch, with LA struggling with a poor 27% of their own. The Lakers are slipping down the standings in the West, they are now 4th with Denver and Portland not far behind them. The Bucks are on the up up, they are 3rd in the East with a 0.638 win percentage which is way more than 4th placed Charlotte’s 0.522.


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