Baseball makes its long awaited return and its been long overdue. Teams are done with Spring training and are getting ready for the real deal matches.Last year’s world series winners the LA Dodgers face the Colorado Rookies tomorrow in their first match.The team the Dodgers beat , Tampa Bay Rays , will face the Miami Marlins. For some baseball is still a new sport to them so I will do my best to break down how the game is played.In baseball we have two teams facing each other, both has 9 players in each side. Both teams get a chance to pitch and bat against each other. The team which is fielding has the pitcher ,catcher,first baseman,second baseman,shortstop,third baseman and three outfielders on left ,center and right field. The object of the game is to score more runs than your opponent. Each team gets 9 chances to bat(innings) with everyone in the team batting. The point of the game is to hit the ball as far as you can , then run to all 4 bases to complete the run then another batter gets a chance. If you are tagged out before reaching a base, you are out. Tagged out means the ball reaches the baseman before you reach the base. A HOME RUN is when the batter hits the ball beyond the field allowing him to easier run onto all 4 bases unopposed.

There are instances where a batter gets on to the field with his teammate(s) already on one or more of the bases. This provides an opportunity to score more than one point after a hit,the maximum being 4 points. The MLB is divided into two conferences, namely the American League and the National League with 30 teams split down the middle.The MLB’s MVP for 2020 is a player named Jose Abreu of the Chicago White Sox.