James Harden scored a statement 38 points versus Minnesota.Impressive was he in his passing game especially in the first half of that game, finishing with a game high 13 assists.Take a look on the reel just when the first quarter is winding down. He had two defenders on him trying to make the block to prevent the three. He unselfishly located Tyler Johnson who was basically all by himself. Its a pity no points came out of that play but you get the idea.Minnesota’s Karl-Anthony Towns was the go to guy for his team for points. He was pretty great defensively as well to make sure the Timberwolves ran the Nets pretty close. Watch the block on Harden with 3:15 left on the watch second quarter. Minnesota were done in by the fouls count , 25 in total to Brooklyn’s 18. The Nets were pretty awesome with the resulting free throws shooting 88% which was key to their victory.