Francis Ngannou of Cameroon routed Stripe Miocic in two rounds to capture the heavyweight title on Sunday night. Francis rained in the strikes, 58 in total to a measly 13 for Stripe. The punches on the mat by Ngannou to Stripe were brutal, some might say tough to watch. Ngannou far superior on the night, his kicks landing on the money most of the times.Looking at the knock out blows, Stripe’s defense was virtually non existent. With his arms to the side, Ngannou had a big balls eye in Stripe’s face to aim at. I have to hand it to Stripe he got up from the initial blows that knocked him out. The ref did the right thing to mercifully end the bout otherwise Stripe’s health would have been in jeopardy. Just a final note, Stripe’s wife says the following about him,”he is alright, still my hero”. Awwww.