Thanasi KOKKINAKIS went hot with anger after being told by a match official that the ball boys on hand are not allowed to hold umbrellas for him to shield him from the sun. This happened earlier in the week during his first round match with Japan’s Shintaro Mochizuki. The Australian labeled it a stupid rule. Temperatures in Miami are known to reach sweltering blast furnace proportions as we head this time of year.

There are ways that you as an athlete can counter the effects of hot weather when playing any sport. Starting with the obvious,making sure you take plenty of fluids before and during that match. Second is acclimatization of your playing environment well in advance, recommended 2 to 3 weeks prior to the main event. This include light training with hydration monitoring.Third, if you are playing tennis have cold towels on hand for those breaks between games. Number 4,wear white, light colored clothing as white tends to absorb less heat. Lastly ,have light snacks on hand during the match which are rich in sodium and potassium such as bananas to replace these minerals which the body loses through sweating.