Third seeded Zverev lost to unseeded Finnish player Emil Ruusvouri at exit Miami at the second round stage. It was such a surprising turnaround in fortunes with the German dominant 6-1. Sasha ever so better when rallying from the baseline. The turnaround in the second set happened when Emil started making Sasha run a bit more, probably taking advantage of the fact that Zverev had a tapped up left thigh.Check out 5-3 (30-15).Zverev tempted the Finn into the drop shot by staying too far away from the baseline. He scrambled to get there but he did. From there he looked so uncomfortable especially when he hit the overhead smash against the tape,his posture and footwork all wrong,losing the point which in all earnest belonged to him. In the end I think Zverev decided to call it a day in the third and rest his leg a bit. He did not put up much of a fight in that one. Key stats. Emil had a massive 18 break point opportunities, only managing to convert six showing the fighting spirit in Sasha. The need to shorten the points by Zverev was evident in the Stats as well. Sasha had 10 Aces and served well on the first serve with 87%.