The newly promoted Benevento did a smash and grab on Juve on Sunday to leave the Turin side’s title hopes all but over. Benevento rode their luck for large periods of time and their resilience ultimately paid off. There were heart in mouth moments for example when Cristiano Ronaldo shot just wide of Montipo’s post , the penalty decision that was overturned and the almost own goal. As a defender your mind kind of relaxes if you had nothing to do all game. Adolfo Gaich intercepted a stray pass by the usually reliable Artur, shielded the ball well and fired past Szczesny on 69 minutes. I love the bravery from the Bene defender who got in the way of the acrobatic kick attempt from Ronaldo. That is the kind of defending that gets your team another season in the top flight.Juve have run out of games in hand and are now 10 points adrift of Inter in third.Benevento are 16th , seven points clear of 18th place Cagliari who occupy the last relegation slot.