Luka Doncic’s five star three point shooting led Dallas to a crushing 132-92 win over Portland. 37 points and 8 rebounds were a game high.He shot 8 out of 9 from outside the arch in a display reminiscent of the great Michael Jordan. It was all the more impressive given Dallas’s defeat to the same team on Friday, showing the Mavs mental toughness. Check out his shooting motion in the clip below when the scores were 53-58 in favor of the Blazers. He is well outside the arch and knows his defender is not anywhere close to him. So he utilizes his height, bends his knees to get that elevation, flaps his wrists(which is the key to 3-pointers) to get that rainbow ballto drop with speed into the basket. Picture perfect three pointer 101 right there. Damian Lillard was the closest Blazer to Luka with 19 points, almost half of Luka’s total showing the Mavs dominance.


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