McMahon makes his way to the ring,strutting in full character swagger. It’s the Royal Rumble pay per view 2005. Vince is about to make an announcement on who the winner of the match is. He enters the ring through the gap between the apron and the bottom rope. He sits on his bum as he looks in bewilderment at everyone in the ring. This is one of the funniest moments in sports entertainment. The business’s czar Vince McMahon has just torn his quadriceps. This type of injury is common in middle aged persons(Vince’s age was in the senior citizen category).

Quad tendon tear in visual

What is a quad you might be curious?It is a form of tendon. What the hell is that?, Eagle, you might be asking.It is tissue holding the muscle and bone together.This type of injury occurs when there is pressure on the leg with the foot wedged in the ground and knee bent the opposite direction.In Vince’s case the pressure was his body weight with his foot planted on the canvas. Small tears can be managed at home with RICE, acronym for Rest,Ice,Compress and elevate. Big tears require surgery and physiotherapy to restore full body part function. Of course a ♿ or a crutch can be used if you really need to move about during recovery although not advisable. Lastly,just to reiterate the importance of warming up and psyching yourself before doing sports, the Cena-Batista finish was botched so it was a last minute decision by the writers to call up Vince on short notice to save the day.